Liquid Fertilizers

Solid Fertilizer

The enriched liquid slurry is filtered through 120 mesh screens and the filtered liquid slurry is marketed directly as bio organic liquid fertilizer while the left out solid manure from the screens is collected separately. This solid is further mixed with various organic substances and is allowed to undergo a solar sterilization and composting process. This process is quite unique where in every alternate day requisite enrichment is done till compost is ready. This process is continued for nearly 21 days and the final product is granulated and marketed as bio organic solid fertilizer


Liquid Bio-Fertilizer For All Crops is a 100% organic fertilizer,It is produced through natural way. Plant Nutrients extracted from plants only. Because of its liquid form, intake of the nutrients by plants or trees is Expedited. It can be used for home or fields. Unique in market with more ORGANIC CARBON thereby improving photosynthesis & Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) ,since Organic Carbon is present ,it increases the productivity and growth quality of plants * Soil Drenching: It improves aeration in the Root Zone. It improves soil Structure & Texture * Aerial Spray: Prevents Flowers and Fruits from dropping Improves vegetative growth Improves the quality of flowers, grains, vegetables, fruits, bulbs, Green Leaves & Latex, Increase the pest & disease resistance.